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Our Services

MCAP offers a range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of children and families.

Wellness Evaluation

The initial wellness evaluation visit provides an opportunity for the patient to share their mental health concerns with the provider and for the provider to offer a holistic clinical psychiatric assessment and diagnosis. Based on the patient provider partnership, treatment goals and an intervention program will be developed.

Intervention Program

The intervention program consists of medication management, when necessary, partnered with mindfulness-based interventions, nutritional support, sleep hygiene guidance, mental health education, and coping skills development. Mindfulness-based interventions support brain activity in the window of tolerance to promote optimal functioning and self-regulation to help find balance between states of hyper-and hypo-arousal.

Counseling Program

Therapeutic patient-centered counseling working towards goals and objectives agreed upon by provider and patient.


Therapeutic peer support groups led by our mental health provider for the purpose of developing acceptance, support, and commitment towards overall mental health.

Psychological Testing Services

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